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Mexico climate law important step in the fight against climate change

13 April 2012

WWF today said that the approval of a climate law by the Mexican House of Representatives was an important step in the fight against climate change.

The House of Representatives passed the law with 280 votes for, 10 against and one abstention. When it is approved by the Senate, Mexico will be only the second country in the world to have introduced climate change legislation after the UK.

Sam Gardner, Senior Climate Change Policy Officer at WWF Scotland said:
“It’s great news that Mexico now looks set to join Scotland and the rest of the UK in committing in law to cut its climate emissions. This show of global leadership in the fight to tackle climate change will bring added confidence and momentum to the many other countries around the world poised to take similar steps.

“Scotland should be proud that its world-leading climate legislation is being emulated by others. However, if this is to remain the case then Scotland must deliver on its targets. This means tackling emissions from transport, saying no to new coal at Hunterston and improving the energy efficiency of our homes.”

Keith Allott, Head of Climate Change at WWF-UK said:

"This is great news from Mexico and a really important step in the fight against climate change. It’s all the more significant because Mexico is set to become one of the world’s biggest economies, but is not a rich country, with some 40% of the population living in poverty. Yet its government and Congress can see that ending poverty and growing the economy will be that much harder unless they cut greenhouse gas emissions and embrace renewable energy.

“It also shows once again the global significance of the UK and Scottish Climate Change Acts; the UK has taken a bold lead on this issue and other countries are now following us. David Cameron now needs to ensure that the UK act is implemented vigorously, and that the UK embraces its huge potential to save energy and develop new, clean renewable energy sources.” 

Notes to Editors

1. Mexico's climate law requires the whole country to reduce carbon emissions 50% by 2050. When it becomes law, the government will make rules to phase out fossil fuel subsidies; make renewable power fully competitive with oil, gas and coal; cut carbon emissions 30% by 2020 with international support; and ensure that 35% of Mexico's electricity will come from clean sources by 2024. There will also be a strong focus on equity, conserving Mexico's environment, and making sure there's full and broad citizen participation. Mexico is currently the world's 11th biggest greenhouse gas emitter and also its 11th biggest economy. By 2050 it is projected to be the fifth largest economy in the world.

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2. The third Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM3) will take place in London on 25–26 April 2012: